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Rock Hoppers Members

The Bearded Scrambler (Mike & Karol Beard)

It is teaching me to speak Jeep each time I have to replace a part. The old boy (my wife tells me it must be an old boy, Old girls look better and don't do as many stupid things). The old boy is an '82 with the 256 six. However it does have a Howell fuel injection, a Turbo 400 transmission, ARB lockers, front and back, Summers Brothers hardened axles, with Warn locking hubs on rear and Superwinch on front. The lift is done with Rancho springs with a reverse shackle front, and spring over on rear. The body blocks vary from two inches to none, (Trying to keep somewhat level). Little extras include, a nice stereo, that sometimes can be heard; air conditioning that would serve better as an air pump; permanent tow bar, and steering brace.

MOST IMPORTANT is the GOVERNOR. You see the Governor in the blue wrapping to my left. This prevents the Scrambler from doing anything considered too radical. The Governor emits a shrill sound whenever the wheels get off the ground or too close to an edge. However, the Governor can become self mobile and fast, such as demonstrated when going up the Moab Rim. The Governor beat the Scrambler up the trail by at least two times. Otherwise the Scramble loves to get to new exotic places and check out caves, ruins, canyons, lakes, formations, writings (indian or other). Shucks, it would use just about anything for an excuse to take off.

Todd Adams AKA Alzheimer Kid
I like to be different. I don't like Jeeps because everyone has one (even my wife). Over the years I have owned many different 4X4's both foreign and domestic. In 1992 I bought an Isuzu Amigo. Great vehicle, I never had any major problems with it and my son still has it. One thing it needed however was power. When the Isuzu VehiCross went from a concept vehicle into limited production, I knew I had to have one, I was drawn to it by the unique styling and ample horse power. It is hard to describe how capable a vehicle the "VX" is. I have made very few modifications to it. 3" lift and tires are about all I have done. Bone stock I was able to manage it up "Tip-Over-Challenge" after leading the "Hells Revenge" Trail during and Isuzu only event in Moab Utah. Not many stock vehicles would have done as well. I did learn on that trail, it could use some more clearance, hence the lift.
Seems like I end up leading a lot of trails and folks give me a hard time about making a wrong turn once in a while. They forget how many times I have haven't made any mistakes. Besides there is a lot of country we have seen only because of wrong turns, and I have made plenty of them in the ...years Linda and I have been driving the outback.

Grammy's RED YJ
Until Linda edits this spot I will just list the upgrades on her Jeep.
1991 Jeep Wrangler
1995 engine, transmission, roll cage, sound bar
Dana 44 rear
Explorer disc brakes on Dana 44
4 to1 Tera Low transfer case
4.56 to1 gears in the axles
ARB air lockers in both axles
Pro Comp 4" lift (ya I know I need to do something here)
BFG 12.5X33 MT's
Will soon get a small body lift to clear the new 12.5X35 BFG MT's
Ramsey REP 8000 (slow but very reliable)
ARB air compressor
Xenon 6" flares
New Best Top
Factory Hard top
Both full and half doors
Bumper mounted High Lift Jack
Tuffy Console
More stuff I just can't remember.
All work except D44 done by Todd

Bryan Montague in Moab
Hi, my name is Bryan Montague. Im a new member of the Rock Hoppers. My rig is a 1981 Scrambler (cj-8). I am currently running a 2" body lift, 4 " black diamond suspenion lift with wrangler springs. A home made shackle reversal and cut fenders to make room for 35x12.50 procomp mudders on black rock crawler rims. I have the stock 258 with headers and a motorcraft 2100 carburator. I run a T 19 transmission and a dana 300 transfer case.
The front axle is a dana 44 with dana 30 knuckles welded to em. The rear is a trussed full floater model 20. I run 4.56 gears and lock rights front and rear.