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5-Mile Pass Cleanup June 16th 2001

by Todd Adams

On June 16, 2001 a number of OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) folks got together to help the BLM clean up the popular 5 Mile Pass OHV area. Located on State Highway 73 approximately 50 miles south west of Salt Lake City. This old mining district now sees heavy OHV use. Over the years this old mining area had been used for many activities other than mining including target practice and dumping waist. Careless visitors not taking out what they brought in also added to the mess.
Last year the BLM had a clean up day that filled two large dumpsters and included many old abandoned vehicles. That cleanup concentrated on the south side of the pass. This year, the north side needed attention.
Utah OHV Trail Patrol is a group composed of educated, responsible, caring OHV enthusiasts that sign a pledge to conduct volunteer service work for the various public land agencies. Daynene Snyder, President of the Salt Lake City based Rock Hoppers 4X4 Club that is also a Charter Club member of the Utah OHV Trail Patrol, organized this clean up. Two other Salt Lake City area clubs, Sport'N'Utes and Wasatch Explorers, who are Trail Patrol Charter Clubs as well, were able to help round up donated equipment.
BFI of West Valley City donated 3 large dumpsters. UW Trucking provided one of the tractor/flatbed trailers. Amos Rents Inc. provided the backhoe, and Intermountain Rigging & Heavy Hauling provided two bobcats and the other tractor/flatbed trailer. Without these generous donations, there is no way these groups could have accomplished what they did.
The three large dumpsters were filled, actually over filled, by 1:30 in the afternoon with everything from refrigerators and shot up TV's to abandoned campers. Care had to be taken when moving some of the junk as was found out by some that had close encounters with rattlesnakes. Everyone worked safely without incidents, although a bit tired at the end of the day, which included playtime once the work was done.
Another clean up is planned for later in the year to get what was missed this time around. Many thanks go out to all who participated. For further information, on this project, Rock Hoppers 4X4 Club, Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association or Utah OHV Trail Patrol you can call Daynene at (801) 963-1913.


One of the local residents that had to be relocated. I am referring to the rattler not me.


Early on,  an empty dumpster


This is typical of the ground work being done by those that could not play with the big toys like front end loaders and backhoes.